The Internet Is Crucifying Ja Rule for His Tweet About Michael Jordan

He tried to clown folks for not being woke, but he was asleep.

Here’s a Monday treat for you: Ja Rule is back in the public eye.

No, he didn’t release new music. And he didn’t die (like some savages think). Rather, the rapper is popping on the Web for a ridiculous comment he made about the infamous Michael Jordan crying meme. The rapper tweeted (and deleted) a statement that Jordan actually paid $1 every time someone uses his meme, so he’s the one laughing. Not us.

But we’re actually laughing at you, Ja Rule. His assertion is so ludicrous–and wrong–that’s it’s laughable. And Twitter is doing plenty of that. People are coming out in droves crucifying Ja Rule for not knowing how the Internet works. Some shady queens think it’s because he’s stuck in 2003, but that’s none of our business. We’re just the messengers here, and these are some of the best Ja Rule scolding messages on the Internet. Read and try not to cry, or else you’ll owe Mr. Jordan four quarters. (LOL.)

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