This Week in Beauty Advice We Didn’t Need: Rainbow Eyebrows and Eyelashes Are Taking Over the World

A girl did her entire face of makeup using Kylie Jenner lip kits.

Here’s something to warm your rainbow-colored hearts.

Rainbow eyebrows and rainbow eyelashes are both (apparently) things. Both are trending at the same time on Instagram and both will allow you to channel a wood fairy to your best abilities.

Here, an example of rainbow eyebrows, which are pretty much exactly what you think they’d be: multi-colored eyebrows.
And here, we have rainbow eyelashes, which, if we’re being honest, look like they require more time (and pain) than rainbow eyebrows.
The thing about both of these trends is that you have to have multiple colors handy just to get one look you probably can’t even wear to work anyway. Are you prepared to buy five different mascara colors only to have your eyelashes clump and fall off?

  • A girl was so moved by Kylie Jenner’s lip products, she did her full face of makeup using only the lip kits. Science has yet to prove this next bit true, but we’re 93% sure this can’t be good for your eyes or any other part of the face that isn’t the lips. [Seventeen]

  • Marie Claire tried out green blush on Snapchat. The blush apparently turns pink when applied to the skin so everything’s a lie!
  • Essie announced a new Gel Couture nail polish line, but Teen Vogue is more hung up on the packaging. The “new” bottle looks exactly like Essie’s usual packaging, but with a literal twist. [Teen Vogue]
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  • A team of scientists is developing something called “second skin,” an “invisible-skin polymer” that sits on top of your God-given skin and supposedly helps preserve its youth. So basically, instead of washing your face before bed, you’ll soon be peeling it all off. Learn more about second skin in the video below. [The Cut]
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