Everyone Is Pissed at Piper in the Season 4 Trailer for Orange Is the New Black

Judgment day has come.

Orange Is the New Black has unveiled its Season 4 trailer and it’s totally bonkers.

The new trailer finds Caputo struggling to deal with 100 new inmates, Red getting in on some “secret” involving the garden shed (it’s always the shed) and Maria Ruiz telling Piper she’s going to “bury” her. Later in the trailer, Piper worries she’s pissed off the whole prison. We then get glimpses of an enraged Morello and Crazy Eyes in what looks like a hospital, so at this point, there’s a 99 percent chance Piper really has pissed everyone off this time around.

Season 4 drops on Friday, June 17, so block off your calendars and plan to spend that entire weekend binge-watching OITNB on Netflix and ordering Seamless from the comfort of your bed. (There’s no other way to go about this.)

Watch the new trailer here.

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