Is Kylie Jenner the Girl Getting Slapped in Blac Chyna’s New Emoji?

The Internet is bugging out.

Just when we thought we could breathe, Blac Chyna and Kylie Jenner f-ck our s–t up all over again.

After a series of chummy Snapchats and Instagram follows, we were certain Chyna and Jenner buried the hatchet. Especially now that Chyna is–you know–pregnant with the heir to the Kardashian throne, we thought all drama was over.

But it’s not–well, that’s what the Internet thinks, at least. Chyna released her own set of emojis (Chymojis–duh), and fans think one throws some not-so-subtle shade at 18-year-old Jenner. The Chymoji in question features a girl with raven hair, pronounced eyebrows and plump purple lips getting slapped. And because there can only be one girl on Earth with big lips, fans think this is an animated KyKy. Take a look at it, and let us know what you think.
Scroll through the comments on The Shade Room’s post, and you’ll see a running theme: “THIS. IS. KYLIE. JENNER.” A few think the girl could be Chyna’s ex-BFF Heather Sanders, but we have a different theory: It’s just a generic brunette chick. Why would Chyna screw up her recently-repaired relationship with Jenner–and the entire Kardashian clan, for that matter–by making such a petty move? Answer: She wouldn’t. She has more important things to worry about. Like a pregnancy.

However, as an Internet queen, Chyna should’ve seen this coming and maybe done a quick hair change on this Chymoji. It would’ve saved her a headache.

VH1 staffers bring Jenner and Tyga’s relationship timeline to life in the following video:

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