10 Times Chelsea Handler Was Ruthlessly Shady to Celebrities

Sometimes straight to their faces.

Chelsea Handler’s talk show Chelsea premieres tonight (May 10) on Netflix. The thrice-weekly program follows Handler around the world as she grills millennials about politics, drinks weird crap and dresses up in a kimono. It looks hysterical and ripe with Handler’s signature snark. However, that snark doesn’t seem directed toward pop culture, as it has in the past. It’s a jarring change, but welcome nonetheless. We’re sure the show will slay regardless of the topics Handler covers.

But we still have a soft spot for all the times Handler shaded our favorite A-listers. Sometimes straight to their faces. In honor of this new chapter in Handler’s career, let’s relive (and rejoice) the celebrity cynicism that made her a household name.

  • The time she told Piers Morgan he was a “terrible interviewer.”

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    “Maybe that’s why your job is coming to an end,” she added. Zing!

  • Or when she said Britney Spears has “two personalities” and isn’t “doing anything” in her career.

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    For the record, this was BritBrit’s lyric video, not her music video. But still shady.

  • How about when she said she had no respect for E!, the brand that kept her employed for seven years?

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    “I didn’t have a lot of respect for [E!] to begin with,” she said during a luncheon. What a no-f-cks-given queen.

  • Then, there was the time she called Angelina Jolie a “demon.”

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    IRL priest.

  • She said Lindsay Lohan was a “hot mess.”

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    Do you protest?

  • And when she called the Kardashians, her network peers, stupid.

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    Nope. Not a care in the world.

  • Oh! We almost forgot when she called Kim Kardashian’s booty a “fake piece of s–t.”

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  • Never forget the time she dubbed Heidi and Spencer Pratt “Herpes 1” and “Herpes 2.”

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    Ice cold!

  • The time she said, “I’m so sick of you” to Justin Bieber’s face will live on forever.

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    We hope Selena Gomez watches this on repeat.

  • As will when she said she could sing a Biebs song better than he could.

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    All hail this shade maestro.