Nicki Minaj Threw Some Incredible Subtweets at Ex-Boyfriend Safaree Samuels Last Night

Come through Nicki!

Safaree Samuels better put some respek on Nicki Minaj’s name.

Minaj posted a series of tweets last night that were seemingly aimed at ex Samuels. In her tweets, Minaj alleged that Samuels is suing her and “claiming to have been physically and emotionally abused.” Minaj, who was seemingly in the middle of celebrating beau Meek Mill’s 29th birthday, didn’t take kindly to the news and her response was an epic streak of truth bombs about relationships, money and girl power.

It started with this sub. Note the hashtag, #poorting.

Minaj then alleged that she had been served with a lawsuit on Monday, May 9.

She proceeded to go off, insinuating that Samuels may have stolen money from her at one point and expressing her frustration with the situation, as well as the timing of it all.

And then the girl power kicked in.

We can’t be sure what exactly is going down between Minaj and Safaree (Is he really suing her? Is she planning to sue him?), but it’s clear from Minaj’s tweets that she’s fed up and not having any of it. And she apparently has the receipts emails to call B.S. on her ex.

As for Samuels, he posted this yesterday, not too long after Minaj’s tweetstreak started. Again, note the hashtag, #richthing.

Here’s hoping things get worked out between these two. And in the meantime, thank you, Nicki, for giving us all of the life today.

As Queen Latifah said at VH1’s Big In 2015 With Entertainment Weekly event, Nicki Minaj is “one of the greats.” Watch Minaj’s acceptance speech at our Big In event here.

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