Phil Margera is Brought To Tears After Realizing He’s The Biggest Enabler In Bam’s Life

"I didn't know I was hurting you. I swear I wouldn't have done it."

Phil Margera showed up on Family Therapy With Dr. Jenn this week and is brought to tears when he realizes the consequences of his parenting on Bam. In this highlight, Phil tells Dr. Jenn that he doesn’t reprimand Bam for his outrageous and irresponsible behavior because it’s easier to stay neutral and let him be. Originally, Phil laughingly reminisces about pranks he pulled on Bam as a child and while Phil pulled those pranks in good fun, Bam tells him that they traumatized him and they are more than likely the root of Bam’s behavior now. Phil breaks down after realizing that his actions ultimately compromised his son. After Bam receives the apology he longed for, the Margeras find themselves on the essential road to healing that may save Bam’s life.

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