Throwback To The Time Dame Dash Was Pushing RocaPads For The Ladies Dropping Periods

"If ya bum is leaking, you need to be seeking, RocaPads."

Mogul Dame Dash has had his hand in several endeavors (how else do you think he achieved his “mogul” title?), but the funniest one by far had that to that time Dame was pushing RocaPads, a product made to keep that time of the month “mother f—ing tizight”! Although Dame comes off a tad bit aggressive on Family Therapy With Dr.Jenn, he’s actually pretty funny. The former Roc-A-Fella CEO hilariously offers this faux product for females droppin’ periods in a skit with Rashida Jones on the forever funny Chapelle’s Show, so take a trip back to 2003 and go with the flow!

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