This is How the Media Enables Donald Trump’s Sexist Attacks on Hillary Clinton

Why is she even responsible for her husband's once wayward penis?

By: Michael Arceneaux

In terms of media and media coverage, Donald Trump is the Tia to Azealia Banks’ Tamara. Exactly like Banks, much of what Trump says – notably about his adversaries – isn’t truly worth a molecule of our time and energy. Yet, in the age of 24 hour news and the Internet, there is an insatiable need for content, thus, whatever they say is covered — especially if what they say is repugnant.

The latest instance of this is Trump’s comments about, former president, Bill Clinton’s infidelity in which he places much of the blame on Hillary Clinton. Trump, who had his own fling with infidelity, has his nerve even bringing this up. Trump does not care about Hillary’s treatment of Bill Clinton’s mistresses. He does, however, have a gift for playing to the prejudices of the public at large.

Such is his right, but there’s something to be said of how media outlets should cover Trump’s accusations and assertions. This week, MSNBC aired a segment in which they asked male voters about Hillary Clinton’s handling of her husband’s cheating. Let that marinate in your mind a little longer.

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