“Why Aren’t You Oiling Your Pubic Hair?” and Other Questions Beauty Mavericks Have For You This Week

Does Mommie Dearest inspire your face? Because it inspires Kate Moss'.

Beauty publications have been praising oil for years. They’ve convinced you to put it in your hair and on your face, but now, they want you to put it on your other hair. Your hair down there.

As someone who puts oil in her hair and on her face, I can confirm its operative powers. But putting oil on my pubes? Never, although I probably would for the right price / if someone gave me the pube oil for free. But it’s not free—or cheap, for that matter.

Pube hair oil company Fur’s Fur Oil is $39, which is almost the same price as a cheap Brazilian wax in New York City. What, are we all secretly millionaires? Technically, if you wax (or shave) you don’t need the oil. That’s only for those adventurous, can’t-be-tamed types who actually have “fur.” For the rest of us, Fur offers Stubble Cream for $32 a pop, which lasts six months, so really we’re talking $64 a year for outer vaginal maintenance.

“Do you oil?” is going to take on so many different meanings this summer.

  • Does Mommie Dearest inspire your face? Because it inspires Kate Moss’. The supermodel revealed to W Magazine that she dunks her face in ice “with slices of cucumber” in the morning to wake up. “I first thought, that’s insane, then I was like ’Hmmmm,'” Moss told W. [W Magazine]
  • Do you still own your hair gems from the ’90s? Welp, a new and not-at-all-improved version of them is now trending on Instagram because people are nostalgic as hell. [Marie Claire]
  • https://www.instagram.com/p/BCa0gbjGxta/

  • Would you “spa” in a Burger King? (Followup question: Is “spa-ing” a word?) Burger King has reportedly added a sauna to one of its locations in Finland, so now after you eat that Whopper Sandwich, you can immediately go sweat it out. [InStyle]
  • What do the Kardashians and Nelly have in common? They both have (apparently) popularized Band-Aids. Nelly literally wore Band-Aids back in ’01, which inexplicably inspired others to, as well. Now, the Kardashians are supposedly popularizing Band-Aids in a more abstract way: by refusing to wear anything but beige ensembles anywhere, all of the time. [Man Repeller]
  • What’s your morning routine like? Margot Robbie, whose age has been a much-contested topic this week, revealed her “psychotically perfect” routine to Vogue. Just kidding. It’s an American Psycho spoof, but it’s still insanely creepy and there’s a 13% chance it will make you question your own morning beauty routine.
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