Drake and Jimmy Fallon Threw Balls at Each Other’s Faces Last Night

Bless this.

Drake stopped by The Tonight Show Thursday night (May 12) to shoot the sh-t with host Jimmy Fallon. However, when you’re on Fallon’s stage, don’t expect a routine chat. His guests always have to do weird crap–like have balls thrown at their faces.

That’s what happened to the Views rapper last night. Midway through Drake’s appearance on the show, Fallon suggested the two play a rousing game of Faceketball. And it means exactly what you think it does. Basketball…on your face.

Here’s how it works: Each player straps a net on his/her face, and the opponent tries to throw a ball in it. So, in other words, you hurl a ball at your opponent’s mug. It’s glorious.

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