The Best Hillary Clinton Memes the Internet Has Given Us (So Far)

Meme the People of the United States

By Claire Downs

Now that Hillary Clinton has pretty much garnered the Democratic nomination, she must do something to appear like the cool mom who will let us drink in the basement, even though we know she’s upstairs preparing to order a drone strike instead of an extra large pizza and some cinnamon sticks.

Since announcing her run for presidency last year, Clinton has strived for relevancy among millennials and POCs – something her opponent Bernie Sanders had on lock early on in his campaign. Between clapping near a roller-skating Amy Schumer, to asking us to talk about student debt using only emojis, to doing the “Whip and Nae-Nae on Ellen, she’s made it clear: she’s down with the #cool #teenz and ready to be YASSident! Yet the cold, brutally honest world of the internet was not going to let any of this slide without making a couple thousand dank memes about it. Here are some of the best Hillary Clinton memes.

Back in December, Hillary’s social media team posted 7 Things Hillary Clinton Has In Common With Your Abuela an article riddled with mediocre custom gifs of Hil talking and a bunch of Spanish words (mostly cognates) randomly thrown about. We get it, Hil, you wanted to get on the same level as Hispanic voters, but it was no bueno

The internet responded appropriately with countless memes toting the hashtag #NotMyAbuela.

Hot Sauce in My Bag (Swag)
Hillary Clinton has not been shy about her love for Beyoncé – she’s had Bey at several fundraisers and past Clinton events. But in a recent video, she awkwardly pronounced the singer’s name Bay-oncé, like an alien who has come to Earth to report back on what LOLs and hashtags are. But the thinly-veiled pandering to African American voters did not end there. In April, Clinton appeared on The Breakfast Club to chat with Charlamagne. When asked what she keeps in her purse, she responded “Hot sauce, yes, yes!” Charlamagne then asked if she’s “pandering to black people,” she said: “Okay, is it workin’?” At which point everyone abruptly stopped laughing and she said, “No, seriously, I’ve been eating a lot of hot sauce.”

The internet was none too pleased.

Hillary Versus Bernie
It’s a simple enough pro-Bernie meme: a poster depicts fictional quotes from Bernie and Hillary on silly topics like Sleeping, Harry Potter, and wolves. The meme began appearing in February after Jeff Wysascki posted it on his Tumblr, Obvious Plant. After the meme spawned thousands of Twitter users making their own, some remarked the meme is sexist.. Truly, the Hillary quotes lean into the stereotypes that women are calculating, not relatable, and downright unlikeable. Whether this meme is sexist, hilarious, or kind of both remains open to interpretation.

The Woman’s Card

After a recent primary victory, Trump issued one of his most sexist jabs to Hillary ever. He said, “I think the only card she has is the woman’s card,” he said. “She’s got nothing else going on. And frankly, if Hillary Clinton were a man, I don’t think she’d get 5 percent of the vote. The only thing she’s got going is the women’s vote”

These comments, not surprisingly, caused online outrage, a lot of jokes, and several think pieces.

Since making this awful comment, art directors around the globe have collaborated on an actual deck of “woman cards.”


And for the indecisive voter, there’s even a (creepy) meme for you too! I present a meme with no true backstory, other than it’s called “Clump” and it’s been making the rounds lately.