Kathie Just Confirmed What We All Were Thinking About Rumors Of Dutchess + O’S**t Doing The Nasty

99.9% is like, A LOT.

Seemingly no one is buying into Dutchess’s lies, and Kathie is no exception. The shenanigans in Miami between Donna and Dutchess opened up the Pandora’s box that is Dutchess’s past, causing Ceaser to question many things about his fiancée. From accepting mouth services from Donna to just outright taking off her ring in M-I-Yayo, Dutchess isn’t looking too innocent right now. If she could hook up with Donna, the rumors circulating her and O’S**t of being a “thing” in the past started to seem more and more true. When asked on Twitter, Kathie kept it all the way real:

But what do O’S**t and Dutchess have to say about their hookup status? Watch our interview with both of them below to find out:

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