Fighting Words: Bambi and Jessica Dime Went In On Each Other Over Lil Scrappy

"Why would you wobble your fat ass over here?"

Bambi may have finally gotten the ring from Scrappy but only a few months ago it was Jessica Dime that was getting his FaceTime calls. In a highlight from Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, Bambi comes face to face with Jessica and Rasheeda while on a date with her new guy. It’s news to Jessica that Bambi and Scrappy are through but sure enough it explains why he’s been hitting her up. It’s anybody’s guess why Jessica thought she should spill all that tea to the Bam (she says she thought it was funny) but Bambi definitely feels a way about it. (Meanwhile, Rasheeda’s just sitting by like she has no parts in this.) The awkwardness soon turns to insults and it’s not long before the women have to be kept apart before they go at it. All in the name of Lil Scrappy?! Good grief. Do you think things will smooth over between Jessica and Bambi? Find out on an all new Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, Monday at 8/7c!