April Margera Discusses Bam’s Progress, the Worst Prank He’s Ever Played on Her, and Ryan Dunn’s Death

"I think the house that he was in, which was the show house [from Viva La Bam,] was just really destructive. "

April Margera and her family became famous for being pranked on her son Bam’s show Viva La Bam but on Family Therapy with Dr. Jenn the mother and son faced their demons. In an exclusive interview with VH1, April opened up about the state of Bam’s sobriety, her enabling behavior, and how her husband Phil responded to their treatment.

What was the entire experience filming Family Therapy with Bam like?
Actually I was really afraid because Bam was kind of out of control. I really wasn’t sure exactly how all of that was going to play out and the fact that we were sharing a room, because it’s tight quarters and we didn’t know who else was going to be in the house, we just decided its better to go with the known than the unknown. That was kind of of different. I think all along I thought I was going for Bam and it was all about Bam but I actually learned a lot about myself and the tendencies that I have really done all my life. Being the oldest child of four, you take charge more, I see it a lot even in my oldest granddaughter. I think that that I tend to try to control everything and take everything on myself and I think I blame myself for everything wrong that would happen, in or out of my control.

I learned that about myself staying in the house and I loved the group that we were with. They were so great. The Dash brothers were so nice, I really enjoyed their company. Brittany and Brianna [Dejesus]] were great, even Dina and Michael [Lohan] were very fun. Um, Sister Patterson and Tiffany [Pollard] you know, definitely a different dynamic, a little scary and really out of my wheelhouse but still very interesting.

Did you think they were putting stuff on for the cameras?
Well, honestly when I first meet them [Sister Patterson] was very kind to me right away but before she really knew who I was she was kind of reading my vibe and I was like, “Oh my gosh, what’s this?” Through a lot of the histrionics and some of the stuff I was like, “This has got to be an act. I mean this has got to be put on for some ungodly reason.” I thought maybe they were trying to get their own show. It crossed all of our minds but I gotta tell you, if I was going to light myself on fire I wouldn’t want to look like that. I wouldn’t to say half of the stuff that [Sister Patterson] said so I wasn’t sure whether, maybe she really has some issues, maybe [it] isn’t put on. I mean we all swung back and forth, so many times. We all were like, ’She can’t really like thinking this way, can she?’ I mean when you’re looking at an ultrasound, the baby is there. I couldn’t understand that whole thing.

It sounds like you bonded with lots of your housemates. Have you kept in touch with anyone since the show stopped filming last summer?
I keep in touch constantly with Dina and Brittany. I also have been in touch with Damon, Bobby, and Jeremy. We all kind of stay in touch. Dina and I on the phone, and the rest on Facebook or texting, just always checking in with each other. Even Michael, he has checked in several times to see how Bam is doing. It was really kind of a good group.

How is your relationship with Bam now that you’re home? Are you using what you learned in therapy?
We have a much better level of communication. I’m not afraid to say things to him when he’s messing up. I’m not afraid to come right out and say, “Look, you need to start thinking about this again.” He actually stayed so good for like, four months and then he hit a little bit of a speed bump because you’re surrounded by people who you’re sometimes not trying to be around and they sabotage you. I’m not saying that he’s not taking responsibility for himself but the first thing that happened was he was doing a big art show and do you know somebody actually just gave him a Coke and it was full of booze? Like what kind of a friend is that? Then it kind of kicked off like a day tear and then he caught himself. He goes for long stretches and then he hits another speed bump. I feel like he’s right on the edge of it. He wants to build a new skate park and he’s going to go do it but we’re trying to work really hard with each speed bump trying to get through it and trying to negotiate how [he] feels. I think we have better tools to work with. It was a two and half, three week thing. An instant fix? No. Is he the guy to go to rehab now? He is considering it. We’ve talked about it. He’s considering it. I think the lines of communication are much better and he’s starting to figure out why he’s doing all of these things.

How often do you see him right now?
I see him almost every other day. He lives nearby. He has a new home which has really helped the dynamic. I think the house that he was in, which was the show house [from Viva La Bam,] was just really destructive. Can you imagine filming a show and all your friends are surrounding you at all times. They’ve all left. One died. And you continue to live in this shell of a show set? It’s just not good. So that has helped a lot, to get him out of that. That made a big change I believe. I really feel that he is on an upswing. He is figuring it out. He was always so far ahead of everybody else in thought and when he was a kid he did more than most adults. I think in the maturity department he was lacking a little bit. Sometimes he just says the most amazing things and then something really completely stupid.

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