An Uber Driver Supposedly Made His Passenger Film Him Dancing and What Happened Next Was Totally Bizarre

Hilarious, but bizarre.

If you’re an avid Uber user, you’re likely to have a funny story or two about your experiences. But before you break those out on your next first date, you need to hear this one.

Twitter user @mesmmia posted a video last night that has since gone viral. The video shows a man dancing in what looks like a parking lot to Dae Dae’s “Wat U Mean (Family to Feed).” Throughout the 30-second video, the man, who @mesmmia claims was his/her Uber driver, squats down, jumps up, does something with his hands and grabs himself. The whole thing is so mesmerizing, you’re going to replay it—again and again.

“hi @Uber my driver pulled into a random parking lot and forced me to film him dancing am very scared please help m,” @mesmmia wrote. He/she has since been commenting on and replying to the post, which suggests that he/she is OK. We can’t confirm that what @mesmmia is saying about this man is true, but so long as he/she is safe and sound, this video will continue to be both strange and hilarious.

Let’s hear it for the Internet for always keeping it weird.

1/2 Cartoon, 1/2 Beyhive.