Watching Miley Cyrus Contort Her Face in Strange Shapes Is an Oddly Normal Experience

Just your average Tuesday.

Miley Cyrus is weird. This is a widely-accepted fact. Take one look at her Instagram account, and you’ll understand this. Cyrus’ twerking antics might have shocked us in 2013, but three years later, that ish is standard fare. So, when the 23-year-old pop star goes on The Tonight Show and makes weird faces with Jimmy Fallon, it’s not alarming. It’s Tuesday.

That’s exactly what happened last night (May 17). Fallon challenged the “BB Talk” singer to a “Funny Face Off,” where they mimicked strange faces young kids submitted to the show. Cyrus nails each face thrown her way, double-chin, twitchy eyes and all. It’s hilarious, but also a surprisingly normal experience. I guess that’s what you get when giant cat T-shirts are a part of your everyday wardrobe. Watch the contortion realness in the video below.

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