We Asked Couples to Try on Kylie Jenner’s Lip Glosses and the Result Was Priceless

"It's like a baked good chapstick or something."

Kylie Jenner (and likely Kris) captivated millions of people with her ever elusive lip kits and glosses. But what do people actually think of them?

If you’ve ever tried to snag one of King Kylie’s lip products, you know that they typically sell out in mere minutes. By the powers that be, we got our hands on Jenner’s three lip glosses—Like, Literally and So Cute—so we could see for ourselves what the big deal is. But we didn’t want to just try on the glosses and call it a day. We wanted to like, literally, know what couples thought of them.

What ensued was pure hilarity and priceless quotes like: “As a person with lips that I was born with, maybe they weren’t made for me specifically?” and “All of the sexy names of makeup have been taken, so [Kylie’s] literally just using words.” Like, literally, so hilarious. CC: Jenner’s marketing team.

Find out for yourself what happened when we asked couples to try on Jenner’s lip glosses in the video below.

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