Kanye West Followed Zero Rules and Gave a Bonkers Speech on The Ellen DeGeneres Show

Asking Kanye to play "5 Second Rule" is like asking Beyoncé to give an interview.

“What’s the point of thinking?” This is just one of many quotable moments Kanye West delivered on the latest episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

Following Drake’s hilarious appearance the other day, Twitter maven Kanye sat down with DeGeneres to give an off the cuff speech about art, synesthesia and changing the world. In what ended up being more like a sermon than anything else, Kanye revealed why he asked Mark Zuckerberg to donate to his personal bank account, called himself the “Michael Jackson of apparel” and garnered several confused looks from DeGeneres—and rightly so.

Kanye also played “5 Second Rule” with DeGeneres, but in an equally hilarious turn of events, he kind of refused to participate. The premise of the game is that you have five seconds to give three different answers to one question. But instead of playing by the rules (because what’s the point of that), Kanye just did his own thing. And it will make your sides split.

Here’s a summary, in picture form:

The Ellen DeGeneres Show

Just another day in the life of Kanye. Watch Yeezus play “5 Second Rule” with DeGeneres here.

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