Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’s Chris Is Done With Reality TV, Calls The Show Too “Extra”

"If you a real [person], don't ever go on reality TV, go on 'Empire' or something. Be great!"

Chris made his debut on this season of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta but the stint was short-lived now that he’s broken up with Mimi. In this video posted online this week, Chris expressed how fed up he is with all the comments he’s received from haters about his role on the show. Chris put his 100% true self out there to share with the world and unfortunately came to the harsh realization that it takes a really specific type of person to hack out the glory and the scrutiny that comes with being a reality television star. He emphasizes there was nothing fugazy about his feelings for Mimi, however Chris has a better vision for himself one of which is being an advocate for organizations such as GLAAD. Take a look at what Chris had to say:

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