Kourtney Kardashian is Now On a Dating App Thanks to Kylie Jenner

Swipe right!

Newly single Kylie Jenner or rumored taken by PartyNextDoor decided to prank her older sister Kourtney Kardashian after finding her phone unattended. “I have Kourtney’s phone, I know her password,” the 18-year-old told fans via Snapchat. “Should I go through her text messages and read them to you guys?”

She then came up with a clever idea to create a dating profile for her older sister using the Bumble app. After listing Kardashian’s name, age and alma mater (the University of Arizona), alongside handpicked photos from her Instagram account, Kourtney walked in.

“I set you up for a dating profile,” Jenner revealed. “What?” Kourtney asked. “Wait, what is this? What’s happening … these are photos you picked?”

If there was ever a chance for you to spit game at Kourtney Kardashian now is the time. You better sign on to Bumble and pray to the swipe Gods that her profile comes up.