Twitter Can’t Stop Watching Camila Cabello Hump Ty Dolla $ign at the 2016 BBMAs

What's happening, here?

Fifth Harmony took their Ty Dolla $ign-assisted “Work From Home” from the construction site to the 2016 Billboard Music Awards stage tonight. Amidst the striking vocal runs, fabulous booty pops and endless slay, something happened between Camila Cabello and Ty. Basically, Twitter thinks she humped him.

Near the end of the performance, Camila unleashed a string of runs powerful enough to shut the whole show down. She gave the stage her all—so much, she may have given some to Ty, too. Like a dog to a leg, Camila danced up on him in the following fashion:

Billboard Music Awards

Twitter proceeded to lose it over Camila’s dance move and the reactions are hilarious. See some of them here.

Relive Fifth Harmony and Ty Dolla $ign’s 2016 Billboard Music Awards performance here.

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