Adele Debuted a New Music Video at the 2016 BBMAs and It’s Making Everyone Dizzy

Watch the trippy new visuals here.

Adele’s triumphant comeback has left many speechless, but after watching the debut of her latest music video at 2016 BBMAs, people seem to have plenty to say.

Adele, who is currently on tour, debuted the visuals to “Send My Love (to Your New Lover)” during tonight’s Billboard Music Awards. The video features Adele in a long, floral dress, singing and dancing to the song. Set in an all black background, video effects come in to play, making it look as though there are two or more Adeles on the screen at once. As you can imagine, this ultimately made people a little dizzy.

Twitter proceeded to voice its opinion about the mesmerizing video and the reactions will make you split your sides. Watch Adele’s new music video here and see what Twitter had to say below.

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