Stevie J’s Reunion Concert Footage Will Remind You Why He Will Always Be Bad Boy For Life!

"To be back in my element with my family!"

The Bad Boy Reunion concert kicked off last Thursday and Friday and certainly did not disappoint those who came out. For those who couldn’t make it, Stevie J was sure to catch all that action from his Bad Boy fam on camera. What better way to celebrate the (would have been 44th) birthday of the late and great B.I.G than to have performances from legends such as Mary J Blige, Jay Z, Lil Kim, Mario Winans, Faith Evans and even Shyne who performed from Belize via live feed, for the Brooklyn show. A shirtless Stevie can be seen rocking out on his guitar with Total to their classic, “What About Us” as a fan hilariously shouts out an ask to be on his bus. Check out some dope videos from the concert:

“The greatest show on earth! God is amazing! #badboyreuniontour #Total”

“To be back in my element with my family! #BadBoyReunion @iamdiddy @cassie @therealfaithevans @lilkimthequeenbee @iammariowinans #112 #TheLox #CarlThomas @rsvpmase @dubzworld @robinsjean”

“Styled by @robinsjean @cookieview @stevieii #BadBoyReunion”

“When @iamdiddy perform my classics at the Barclays #BadBoyReunion”

“Mary J Blige #BadBoyReunion”

And as an added bonus, Stevie captured the man of the hour getting ready to make history:

“Big bro is lit @iamdiddy Show time day 2 #HappyBDayBIG #BadBoyReunionTour”

These concerts are just the beginning of what has been announced to be the Bad Boy Family Reunion Tour, starting August 25th in Columbus, OH continuing until October 8th in Oakland, CA. You can purchase tickets here and who knows, maybe you too can try for a chance to ride Stevie’s bus.

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