Homer Simpson is (Kinda) Leaving Marge for Lena Dunham


No, you’re not hallucinating. This isn’t a dream. This is actually freaking happening.

Television’s laziest husband Homer Simpson and his perfect queen wife Marge are separating after 26 years of marriage. Does love even exist?

According to an interview Simpsons Executive Producer Al Jean did with Variety, the 27th season premiere kicks off with Homer discovering he’s had narcolepsy for several years. It takes a toll on the couple’s marriage, so they make the decision to legally separate.

But it gets worse. Homer then gets the hots for his new pharmacist, voiced by Lena Dunham. So, basically, Homer is leaving his iconic wife for the chick from Girls.

Granted, Homer wasn’t the best husband, so Marge might be better off without him. Any man who would pick a dozen donuts over us deserves the boot.

Jean also revealed that more characters from Girls will make cameos this season and there will even be an episode based on the Oscar-nominated flick Boyhood …starring Bart. They need to recreate the film poster in order for this to be acceptable.

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