Why Is Everyone Ripping Madonna’s Prince Tribute to Shreds?

Sorry, Madge haters. This was not bad at all.

If you’ve checked any social media platform in the past 12 hours, then you know many folks aren’t happy with Madonna. The Queen of Pop paid tribute to Prince at the 2016 Billboard Music Awards Sunday night (May 23). Clad in a frilly purple suit, cane in hand, Madonna belted Sinéad O’Connor’s Prince-penned tune “Nothing Compares 2 U” before welcoming Stevie Wonder on stage to duet “Purple Rain.” It was a touching (albeit short) performance, done with poignancy, grace and simplicity. Was it safe? Yes. Was it bad? No. Not by any standards.

But don’t tweet that. Twitter’s fangs came out as soon as Madge hit the stage. People really seemed to hate this performance, criticizing everything from Madonna’s song choice, vocal ability and complaining that it wasn’t “enough.” Just check out a few messages, and you’ll understand the overall consensus.

This is an extreme swarm of hate for a tribute that was actually quite nice. Was “Nothing Compares 2 U” a questionable opening track? Sure, but only because O’Connor and Prince didn’t get along. Lyrically, the song was very fitting, which is probably why Madonna chose it in the first place.

And please stop saying she didn’t sound good. She sounded great. Madonna’s never been much of a vocal powerhouse, but her pipes last night were more than just working. In fact, this was one of her best vocal romps in recent memory. Just because she can’t hit some of those Prince high notes doesn’t mean she can’t carry a tune. She did that. More than that.

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