Donna Posts A Throwback Of Dutchess Claiming Her Father Eerily Resembles Ceaser

Well, they do say girls attract men that remind them of their dads...

Donna recently reposted a meme of Dutchess and her family in a throwback photo and captioned that she thought Dutchess’ father looks a little too much like her fiancé, Ceaser. Judging by the craziness that went down in Miami between the two ladies, it’s no secret that Donna isn’t really feeling Dutchess right now, so reposting this at the risk of it looking like shade is, apparently, nothing to her.

#WHOA….I swear I thought somebody just photoshopped @TheRealCeaser face on @DutchessOfInk Father head for the picture…but that’s really him! That’s #SCARY! lol #Art2Ink #VH1 #DonnaM #BLACKINKCREW #DirtyDutchess #FOH #FuxWitCeaseTho

Here’s another pic of Dutchess’ father from her Instagram account. What do you think? Is Donna being shady or is she on to something?

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