Even Though They’re Done, Hazel E Just Revealed A Katt Williams Tattoo On Her Bathing Suit Area

And Katt's new boo, Jhonni Blaze, clapped back at it.

Hazel-E just revealed that when she was with Katt Williams, she got a very permanent keepsake to remind herself of him at all times: His name tattooed on her bikini line. In this Instagram video, Hazel pulls down her underwear to reveal her ex’s name in a very intimate spot, in what looks liek an effort to rile up Katt’s new boo, Jhonni Blaze. She writes:
“#DrakeVoice And by the way I did not burn the house, just got the panamera re-customized, and diamonds will forever stay dancing on me, and all off the assets I have are secure & my new nose is healing amazing “FYI he didn’t pay for this one” so #carryon & to Johnni no Blaze you couldn’t possibly be with ? your backgrounds in your flicks aren’t epic enough, still not ridin foreign and still wearing a g shock, actually he had his ring back on & the BBC hat I bought him in the last video… You will send him back to me, he wouldnt & will never will claim you… So go play in traffic with them Wally World thighs, & thunder cat knee caps, I do not care if he has a new lady, if she makes him happy, remember I choose to leave, I just hate fake friend ass bitches diving in dumpsters looking for my leftovers… You’ll never be me! Go back to the pole or the bath tub or maybe I’ll just call champagne papi on that ass.”

Jhonni must’ve seen the post and clapped back right quick:
Everyone should know by now it’s never a good idea to get a tattoo of your boyfriend’s name…even if she plans to cover it up. Especially down there. Hazel better hope every other guy she dates is illiterate. Or hates comedy.