New Report Alleges Tamar Braxton Was Axed From The Real for Some Very Ugly Reasons

Drama, drama, drama!

We’re still in recovery after hearing Queen Tamar Braxton was let go from her co-hosting duties on Fox’s The Real. Braxton fans took comfort knowing the split was amicable, but this new report just messed up all our s–t.

Because according to The Daily Mail, it wasn’t amicable. Not even a little bit. Say it ain’t so!

This is just one report, mind you, but the information is quite damning. According to The Daily Mail, it was Braxton’s poor attitude that sealed her fate. The “Tried It” goddess was allegedly difficult to work with and at times screamed at head producers–in front of the audience. Yikes.

The British tabloid reports the straw that broke the camel’s back was Braxton’s alleged freakout in front of a corporate sponsor. Here are the details, per The Daily Mail:

“It was an ugly scene. Pinterest was sponsoring the segment and Tamar was genuinely upset she was losing the game. She really acted out during the taping in front of the studio audience and then exploded behind the scenes once the show was done. Producers had to heavily edit the segment to make it presentable to air on TV, but the sponsor was on set for the segment and witnessed it all.”

But put down the pitchforks. The Daily Mail also reports Fox did Braxton wrong, too. When the 39-year-old left to film Dancing with the Stars, Fox held focus groups to see if they could continue The Real without her. The results? Crazy offensive. Read this additional excerpt from The Daily Mail piece:

“The focus group research showed that most educated and working women did not identify with Tamar’s show vernacular and her use of words known to be popular among drag queens and some gay men — phrases like ’get your life,’ ’where they do that at,’ and ’have several seats.’ It was even said she seemed more suited to be a judge on RuPaul’s Drag Race on Logo instead of a talk show host on The Real! The research went on to say that most educated and working women found her to be ’ghetto’ and that her aggressive eye-rolling, neck-rolling, and the smacking of her mouth were indicative of ’stereotypical behavior that African American women have worked years to overcome.'”

“Ghetto?” SMH. We really hope that, 1. None of this is true, and 2. If it is, this wasn’t the reasoning for firing Braxton. Braxton is an entertaining, authentic person and is allowed to act as she damn well pleases. To hell with these racist focus groups!

That being said, any diva behavior from Braxton (or any of the hosts) isn’t cool at all. Hosting The Real is a fun gig. Show some gratitude, not attitude, gals.

Watch Braxton explain how to keep it classy on reality television in the video below: