Jobs Celebrities Think They’d Have If They Weren’t Famous

Kim Kardashian would be a forensic investigator. -___-

Have you ever thought about what career you’d have in another life? (I plan on becoming a pop star when I’m reincarnated, personally.) Celebrities have thought the same thing, and some of their answers may surprise you. For instance, Kim Kardashian would do something with science if she wasn’t, well, Kim Kardashian. Find out specifically what–plus, nine choices from other A-listers–below.

  • Kim Kardashian

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    If she wasn’t taking selfies for millions of dollars, Lady Kardashian would be a forensic investigator.

  • Selena Gomez

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    According to a 2003 interview with Flaunt , Gomez thinks she’d be a Cracker Barrel waitress if she wasn’t slaying the screen and radio.

  • Brad Pitt

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    Pitt said during his Inside the Actors studio sitdown that he’d love to attempt being an architect.

  • Billy Bob Thorton


    Also on Inside, this veteran bad boy mused about being a history teacher.

  • Matthew Morrison

    The Glee stud told Inside he wouldn’t mind being a gynecologist if the bright lights of Hollywood didn’t work out.

  • Jane Lynch


    Lynch would be a barista if playing the heartless Sue Sylvester on Glee didn’t pan out.

  • Josh Radnor


    The How I Met Your Mother star said he’d like to be a novelist if he wasn’t an actor.

  • Jennifer Aniston

    Horrible Bosses

    If Aniston didn’t become Rachel Green, she might have ended up a party planner.

  • Tom Cruise

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    Cruise was studying to be a priest before heading to Hollywood.

  • Matthew McConaughey

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    McConaughey would be a lawyer. At this point, we reckon the closest think he’ll get to that is 2011’s Lincoln Lawyer.