Beyoncé’s Witchy Tour Outfit + More Celebrity Sorcery From This Week

Only one thing can explain these bizarre pop culture events: witchcraft.

Has this week felt weird to you? Have you stepped in gum more than usual? Did you trip walking into your office yesterday–even though you wore flats? Don’t worry, we feel the weirdness, too. But it has nothing to do with you. There is no bad karma in the air. The reason is simple: celebrity witchcraft.

Something is brewing over in Hollywood, and it’s chock-full of dark magic. The spells A-listers are casting have thrown off everyone’s energy, hence your current gum-in-shoe problem. These are the nine witchiest pop culture moments of the week. Once you read them, every s–ty thing that happened to you on Monday will make sense. The answer is always–without fail–witches.

  • Madonna looked 35 during her Prince tribute at the Billboard Music Awards.

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    What hex is responsible for this?

  • A crazy man was arrested and tased after attempting to get into the Dance Moms studio.


    Most definitely a warlock.

  • This (maybe) NSFW Hey Arnold! scene resurfaced on the Internet.

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    It’s sorcery no one caught this until now.

  • Nick Jonas looks sexy on the cover of Entertainment Weekly.


    You only get arms like that from broom-lifting.

In other Bey news, we tried a few items from her Ivy Park collection and loved them! Get the details in the video below.

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