Johnny Depp Reportedly Accused of Domestic Abuse By Wife Amber Heard

She's also requested a restraining order.

Amber Heard showed up to court today accusing soon to be ex-husband and famous actor Johnny Depp of domestic abuse.

According to TMZ, Heard showed up with her lawyer, Samantha Spector, armed with photos showing various bruises alongside the one she is already wearing, which she claimed Depp inflicted various times during their marriage.


Alongside the bruises, she claims Depp smashed his iPhone in her face, shattered various objects in the apartment, and then offered her money to stay quiet, but instead she filed for divorce first thing Monday morning.TMZ reports that Amber was on the phone with a friend during the fight, and when Johnny grabbed her phone she screamed to her friend, “Call the cops!” The cops were called but arrived after Johnny had already left.

Depp who’s been out of town since Wednesday promoting his new movie Alice Through the Looking Glass has not yet given his side of the story, but Depp’s lawyer, Laura Wasser, appeared on his behalf. Amber is requesting for a temporary restraining order claiming there’s an immediate threat of harm.