Arkansas Woman Dubbed “Prison Bae” By Internet After Viral Mugshot

That's one hot mugshot!

The Internet has dubbed an Arkansas woman “Prison Bae” after her mugshot stole everyone’s heart.

Arkansas Online reports the identity of “Prison Bae” is 24-year-old Sarah Seawright of Little Rock. She was arrested last month and booked into Pulaski County Jail after failing to appear in court for a 2014 careless driving charge. This isn’t the only time Seawright had trouble with the law.

According to KLRT, Seawright has also previously been accused of robbery, kidnapping, and battery, as results of a parking lot theft in 2012. Now she’s stealing the heart of the many on social media. Her mugshot went viral as the #PrisonBae hashtag quickly took off. She’s even retweeted some of the thirst on Twitter and added, “Favorite Prison Bae” to her Instagram bio as well as booking information.

Pulaski County Police Department