Karrueche Tran’s New Movie 3 Headed Shark Attack is All You Need This Summer

Will Chris Brown be watching?

If you thought Sharknado was good, think again. The trailer for Karrueche Tran’s new film 3 Headed Shark Attack is officially out, and it’s all kinds of crazy/campy/probably iconic.

Produced by The Asylum, the film is a follow-up to 2012’s 2-Headed Shark Attack, which became somewhat of a cult classic. The movie follows a group of marine biology students (one of them is Tran) as they travel to a laboratory to study a garbage patch (whatever that is). However, their academic grind gets cut short when a SHARK WITH THREE HEADS comes to mess things up. “We’re ’gonna kill that shark,” Tran says in the trailer, and we can already hear the Oscar bees buzzing.

The flick marks Tran’s first foray into the acting world. We wonder if ex-boyfriend Chris Brown—who might still be hung up on Tran, as The Gossip Table points out above—will be watching. Probably not.

Featuring A+ screaming and tons of blood, we’re waiting on the edge of our seats for this one.

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