North West Officially Loves Snapchat More Than Kim Kardashian

She's a "fashion god" and Snapchat queen.

There was a time—two months ago, to be exact—when North West was “scared of Snapchat.” Welp, that time has come to an end and North is now a Snapchat queen.

While you were drinking and eating your way through Memorial Day Weekend, Kim and North were Snapchatting. The mother-daughter duo took an adorable string of Snaps over the weekend that prove (1) Kim is almost definitely addicted to the app and (2) North loves Snapchat just as much—if not more—than her mom.

The conversion started when North was adorned with glitter and lipstick via this inexplicable Snapchat filter (What is this called?).
She and her mom then became dogs.
North proceeded to turn into a pink angel.
And wore a flower crown.
And then Kim told her she looked like a “little Armenian girl.” “You look like me before I lasered off all my baby hairs,” Kim said.
And by the powers that be (and Kim’s constant use of the app), North fell in love with Snapchat. I’m gonna go ahead and say that the company should make a North-inspired filter that allows us all to wear this very outfit:
We all need to be fashion gods this summer. It’s worth noting that during all of this, Kanye was most likely sleeping on a bench. Someone please notify Kris Jenner.

Is Kim Kardashian’s penchant for posting sexy selfies on Instagram empowering or just thirsty? We break it all down in the video below.

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