10 Things You Can Expect to See on Rob & Chyna

For example, what really goes down during a Chymoji meeting.

The rumors have officially come true: Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna are getting their own show on E!. Naturally.

The star-crossed lovers will star in a Ryan Seacrest-produced docu-series, which is definitely not the same thing as a reality TV show (just kidding, it totally is). Rob & Chyna will include six one-hour episodes, as well as a separate special celebrating the birth of the couple’s baby. It will follow Rob and Chyna’s life as an engaged couple, her pregnancy and “everything in between,” according to E!.

No official premiere date is set, yet, although E! reports the show will air “later this year.” While we wait for details to emerge, we have some ideas as far as what you can expect from the show when it airs. Rob and Chyna workout sessions, anyone?

Peep our list of what to expect from this expecting couple’s forthcoming docu-series here.

  • The newest Kardashian baby


    King Cairo’s little half-brother and the *only* Kardashian baby to carry the family name.

  • Rob working on his fitness


    There will undoubtedly be plenty of scenes of Rob working out with Chyna in the near distance, coaching him through it. Remember: Chyna will be on her snap back game post-baby, at which point this relationship will really go next-level.

  • Rob arguing with Kim


    They’ve had some pretty nasty fights in the past, as Kim’s the only Kardashian sister who insists on exercising the tough love approach with Rob. Plus, she’s Chyna’s ex-friend—although she and Chyna are reportedly “rebuilding their friendship.” Who knows what Rob & Chyna will bring for this brother-sister pair?

  • Various Kardashian sisters pronouncing Tyga’s name wrong



  • Kris stopping by with boxes of donuts


    Kris did help Rob move into his new place, after all. It’s only natural that Mama Jenner would stop by to check in on her only son, bearing various treats.

  • Scott Disick being Scott Disick


    Scott and Rob remain besties even though Kourtney and Scott are no longer together—never underestimate the Kardashian family’s ability to kollect people. Let the Lord be with Rob & Chyna.

  • Plenty of club scenes


    Rob and Blac love going to the club. They celebrated their engagement in a club. Where do you think they’re going to celebrate the birth of their child?

Rob Kardashian’s half-sister Kylie Jenner was dating Blac Chyna’s baby daddy Tyga. Find out all you ever wanted to know about their relationship in the following video.

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