Emily B + Fabolous’ Birthday Pic of Baby Jonas Will Make You Want to Reevaluate Your Life

He's an adorable little boss!

Emily B and Fabolous’ baby boy, Jonas, just celebrated his first birthday and the bling on his tiny wrists will make you want to question your whole existence. Both Emily and Fab put up birthday messages with their little cutie sitting atop a Rolls-Royce, Yeezy’s on deck, the Rolly blinging, and a one year old crown for the prince that he is:

While Emily B’s prayer to her son was heartwarming:

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Dear God.. It was a year ago today that I held a new life in my arms. I thank you for my wonderful son Jonas! He is so precious to me & has brought so much joy into my life. Each day that passes..I grow more amazed at how big & smart he is getting.
On his birthday I give thanks for him & ask that you continue to protect him & keep him on each day in the years ahead.

Happy Birthday Baby Jonas! #Amen #BabyJonasTurns1

Fab kept it a little more, well, Fab and we love it:

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“these kids wear crowns over here #PrinceJonas”

Fabolous also shared this adorable video of baby Jonas:

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