Diary of a Fit Mommy’s Sia Cooper Shares the Secret to Getting Your Best Post-Baby Body

Your guide to snapback success.

Snapping back is hard to do, but fortunately, you don’t have to do it alone.

Sia Cooper, the woman behind fitness blog Diary of a Fit Mommy, knows a thing or two about staying in shape after giving birth. The fitness expert and mother of two (she just gave birth to her second in May) has documented her experiences staying fit both during and after pregnancy on her blog, and is so passionate about fitness, she developed a workout plan for mothers (and workout enthusiasts!) to help them get into the shape of their lives.

Cooper works out five days a week for up to an hour and snapped back after baby number two in just two weeks. The woman is walking fitness inspiration. We asked Cooper about her snapback game, how you can nail yours and her secret weapon, the Belly Bandit. Check out our Q&A with Fit Mommy Cooper below, and be sure to keep up with her blog and Instagram.
Why is it so hard to snap back after giving birth?

SC: The hardest part about bouncing back after giving birth is the fact that most women do not put in the work required during pregnancy to stay fit throughout the 40 weeks. You truly get out what you put into it! Hard work pays off.

How long does it typically take to snap back?

Each woman is so different that it is hard to give a general time frame, but it took me about two weeks to snap back after baby number two. Even with that, I am still a bit soft and have lots of work to do, but the mommy tummy is long gone thanks to muscle memory from working out during pregnancy until the day I delivered.
Talk to me about your workout plan.

During pregnancy, I was completing my FIT FOR TWO home prenatal workout program to keep in shape, which was perfect and safe for pregnancy as it guided you through trimester-specific workouts. I am currently doing my FIT FOR LIFE workout program now that I am postpartum and it’s actually based off of my own workouts prior to pregnancy. You can expect lots of HIIT moves along with strength training.

How did you develop this and when?

I developed my FIT FOR TWO pregnancy workout guide during this last pregnancy and my FIT FOR LIFE home workout guide was created prior to pregnancy to help ladies get back to their best bodies ever. You do not have to be a mommy or postpartum to try it!
Talk to me about the Belly Bandit.

Belly Bandit has played a crucial role in my snapping back from both pregnancies. The Belly Bandit Postpartum Girdle is a postpartum must-have and something every pregnant lady should have packed in her hospital bag. I strapped on my Belly Bandit within 2 hours after delivery and it helps to compress my uterus back to it’s original size, reduce swelling in my midsection, and shrink my tummy to an even smaller size than pre-pregnancy by using gentle compression. It’s also helpful for healing Diastasis Recti and providing support for C-Section mommies!

Are there workouts you can do with your kids? What are some ways to do this?

Absolutely! I just did a stroller workout with my newborn daughter. I have also done workouts with my son using him as a weight. Also, if you own a baby carrier, you can wear your baby on your chest or back while doing walking lunges or squats. The ideas are endless!
Are there pregnancy workout brands you like to wear while exercising?

Yes! My absolute favorite prenatal workout gear is from Belabumbum’s Active Collection. They are also nursing-friendly and can be worn postpartum, which is a big bonus for us moms.

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