If These Men Shaved Off Their Beards, We’d Lose It!

Beard gang for life!

By Claire Downs

Last month, Drake shaved his beard before appearing on SNL and the internet lost their freakin’ minds. It was the electric razor heard ’round the world, with many fans mourning the loss of Aubrey’s iconic face blanket and asking, “How do I un-see this?” Drizzy quickly deleted the Instagram photo and just a couple of weeks later, his beard is back in full-force, and all is right in the world.

Just when we’d all recovered from the shock of Drake’s beard, Kit Harrington has shaved off HIS beard, sending us into a new tizzy. The “Lord Commander of Facial Hair” looks quite a bit younger without his scruff, with some fans saying he looks like a “gothy teenager.”

While levels of hysteria rise over the second half of Harrington’s face, here are some men who definitely shouldn’t let their chins go bare!

  • 1 Zach Galifianakis
    The Baskets star’s slightly off-kilter characters wouldn’t seem as crazy without his big hairy beard!

  • 2 Drake
    Getty Images
    Don’t ever pull a stunt like that again, Drizzy.

  • 3 Kit Harrington
    TriStar Pictures
    You know nothing Jon Snow.

  • 4 Rick Ross
    Getty Images
    Renzel’s beard is almost as iconic as his music. It’s the beard people point to when they say “I wish I had a beard.” It’s luscious!

  • 5 Bradley Cooper
    B-Coops has come a long way since his bare-faced Alias days. Sorry to remind you of those dark times! Now, he’s got that perfect chin rug that says “I’m chill, but also…I kind of care.”

  • 6 Louis C.K.
    Pretty hard to imagine the ultra-talented Louis C.K. without his signature ginger goatee!

  • 7 Jamie Dornan
    Mr. Grey will see you now…and so will his (hopefully permanent) beard!

  • 8 Brett Keisel
    Getty Images
    Steelers’ defensive end, Brett Keisel is also known as “Da Beard.” His beard even has it’s own Facebook and Twitter pages!

  • 9 The Most Interesting Man in the World
    Getty Images
    He doesn’t always have facial hair, but when he does, we prefer him bearded!
  • 10
  • 11 Nick Offerman
    Ron Swanson’s advice for beard-growers “Everyone’s whiskers are a little different. As long as you’re growing it out, to coin a phrase, ’full bush,’ then it gets my seal of approval.”

  • 12 Javier Bardem
    This beard (and the attached man) are the definition of rugged. Please never take this beard away from us, Javier!

  • 13 James Harden
    It’s dazzling, dense, and labrinthyne. It’s the beard that inspired a generation, a song, and a cake!

  • 14 Russell Brand
    He gives us Jesus-vibes and that’s okay. But long hair and no beard, no way!

  • 15 Joe Manganiello
    Stripper or werewolf, both roles require a mandatory beard. (They don’t but they should.)

  • 16 Rick Rubin
    He’s got 99 Problems and they are all trapped inside his giant beard!

  • 17 Hugh Jackman
    Should Wolverine shave his beard? Not by the hair on his chinny chin chin!