The Messiest Media Moments of the 2016 Election

It was a race to the bottom.

By Brenden Gallagher

Primary election season is all but over. However, before we switch gears and start to thinking about Hillary v. Trump, let’s take a moment to remember the journey we’ve taken to get here. This has been one of the most colorful and ridiculous campaigns in recent memory. With the clown car full of Republican candidates gaffing every step of the way and the meme battle between Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton, the media has had their fair share of embarrassing moments covering it all.

From wild interviews to campaign rally disasters we’ve seen the mainstream media mess up a number of times.

  • The Pen-is Mightier

    While Trump was complaining about his treatment by the media, this guy was complaining about … something dressed like a giant penis. On May 31, a man dressed in a penis costume holding a “Photos with Donald Trump” sign showed up in front of Trump Tower and made it onto CNN News.

  • Watch those @ Replies

    Throughout the primary, news networks continued to prove that they are terrible at Twitter. CNN aired Trump’s tweet about his New Mexico rally without cropping out the first @ reply.

  • Machine Gun Bacon

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    This video of Ted Cruz making bacon with the heat from a machine gun courtesy of the tools at Independent Journal Review is a one-minute long microcosm of everything that is wrong with America.

  • Baby Hitler

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    Not one, but two GOP presidential hopefuls went on the record regarding whether or not they would kill Baby Hitler. First, The Huffington Post asked Jeb Bush if he would put a bullet in the Lil’ Fuhrer and he said “Hell yeah I would. You gotta step up, man.” Twitter star and Joe Flacco expert @PFTCommenter upped the ante by asking Ben Carson if he would abort Baby Hitler.

  • MSNBC Asked the Men

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    For some reason, Chris Matthews got five random old men together to spew a bunch of predictably sexist stuff about Hillary Clinton. The most impressive thing about this segment is that the pundits actually suggest that Trump needs to play his “man card.” True professionalism.

  • Dark Knight

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    As you no doubt already know, Bobby Knight is basically Indiana’s racist grandpa. In defense of Donald Trump the former Indiana University basketball coach got unnecessarily aggressive with the CNN journalist interviewing him.

  • Just Anther Brother in the Crowd

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    In a major gaffe from left leaning MSNBC, the field team managed to find the one African-American Trump supporter who could undermine their argument that Donald Trump is a bigot who appeals to white supremacists.

  • Alex Jones Just Created the Hispanic KKK

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    This is Alex Jones making a mess with the sh-t coming out of his mouth.

  • The Fall of Trump

    The media (with a few exceptions, like political scientist Norm Ornstein) not only failed to see Donald Trump coming, but wrote him off as a nothing candidate. It’s hard to say who made the biggest blunder in this arena, but Bill Kristol is a strong contender. The conservative pundit has gone from tweeting that we have reached #PeakTrump to begging anyone who will listen to run against the Donald.

We had liberals blind-taste test some of Trump’s best wine. The results will surprise you.

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