Stevie J Says He Was Never Joseline’s Husband, Trashes Her Music and Her Entire Existence, Pretty Much

"And I'm not your husband. Never have been, never will be."

It seems the separation of Stevie J and Joseline Hernandez has become an all-out feud. Joseline dragged Stevie and his music career from here to Puerto Rico in a recent radio interview with Hot 107.9, and in this video clip of the interview captured by The Shade Room, Joseline doesn’t seem too thrilled about Stevie allegedly going back on his claims that she is his wife. In true bad boosh form, Joseline goes in, saying Stevie needs to be worried about putting out a hit instead going on the radio to talk sh…you get it:
Of course the hit man wasn’t going to go out like that. He took to Instagram and came at Joseline’s entire existence saying “Ma, I’m still getting more residuals off of any song I did in the ’90s than you’ll every get off any of those bum a— songs you’re doing…” To add insult to injury, he also implies that Joseline not only sells her kutty kat, but he was never her husband to begin with:
Harsh words from Stevie but this isn’t the first time Joseline read his whole life. Just last week, in a series of ominous tweets, Joseline revealed plans to expose her manager husband exhusband Stevie at the Love & Hip Hop Atlanta reunion.

Lawd, this is too much. One thing is for sure, the reunion should be lit:

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