Stevie J & Mimi Meet With The Woman Claiming That Her Two-Year-Old Daughter Is Stevie’s Child

"What did you did caused a lot of problems in my life."

Stevie J and Mimi come face to face with the woman claiming to be Stevie’s latest baby mama in this Love & Hip Hop Atlanta sneak. After Mimi steps up to explain the next steps in validating this situation (she brought her own DNA test because Mimi don’t play), the baby mom in question automatically has her fall back and says she only wants to discuss this with Stevie. Stevie, playing it perfectly, appears to have no idea who this woman is and even introduces himself to her, but she is not playing games and offers him a chance to meet their alleged two-year-old daughter. Stevie has some strong genes, so that baby’s face should definitely tell all. Bring her out!

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