7 Best Friends of Celebrities Who Will Make You Insanely Jealous

Malika Haqq=GOALS.

When I’m on the treadmill or sitting on the train, I often think about what it would be like if my best friend was a celebrity. How crazy would it be to get a text message from “Jennifer Lawrence” and have it actually be Jennifer Lawrence?! It’s difficult to imagine, but for a few lucky Plebeians, it is reality.

These seven (relatively) non-famous humans call A-listers their best friends, and you’re about to be so jealous of their lives. From ritzy vacations to red carpets and private jets, it pays off to be a Chosen One’s Day One.

Laura Simpson

Best friend of: Jennifer Lawrence

How they met: “I met [Lawrence] seven years [2007] ago at an event where we both didn’t know a single person,” Simpson wrote in a MySpace essay. “We hit it off over a mutual respect for Chandler Bing, and we’ve been eating pizza together ever since.”

Coolest perk: Going to the 2014 Oscars in a Dior dress, hands down. Oh, and being Lawrence’s support when she trips at said Oscars.

Malika Haqq

Getty Images
Best friend of: The Kardashians, namely Khloe

How they met: “Malika was dating one of my male best friends,” KhloKhlo penned in a blog post. “He would always keep us apart because I am sure he knew we would just hit it off. One day we met and we did. Malika and Khadijah have been my best friends ever since.”

Coolest perk: Jet-setting to Vegas parties in private jets on the reg.

Melissa Forde

Best friend of: Rihanna

How they met: According to StyleCaster.com, RiRi and Forde go way back. They met in Barbados when they were little tykes.

Coolest perk: Photographing Rihanna drinking alcohol, obviously.

Alexa Luria

Best friend of: Ariana Grande

How they met: According to Grande’s fan Wiki, the two met when they were 10 years old. One of their earliest iconic moments was this 2011 YouTube video where they mused about missing the musical 13.

Coolest perk: Taking casual photos by the Eiffel Tower. Definitely.


Best friend of: Drake

How they met: They’re childhood mates, and according to the album credits in Drizzy’s debut album, Thank Me Later, he considers Niko his “closest confidant.

Coolest perk: Court-side basketball seats and VIP status at Drake’s legendary pool parties.

Jocelyn Leavitt

Best friend of: Mindy Kaling

How they met: They met in college and lived together in Brooklyn post-grad. “We could afford it, Prospect Park wasn’t too far, and people already assumed we were lesbians, so we fit into the neighborhood right away,” Kaling writes in her 2011 book Is Everyone Having Fun Without Me? (And Other Concerns).

Coolest perk: Red carpet dates with Kaling in (probably) designer duds.

Ty Ty Smith

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Best friend of: Jay Z

How they met: Ty Ty is Jay’s Day One. They maintained their bond even through that R. Kelly macing and Lemonade.

Coolest perk: Getting name-dropped in about a dozen Jay Z songs.