People Want Their Nails to Look Like Slabs of Marble and Other Beauty News We Didn’t Ask For This Week

Kim Kardashian shares her 120-minute morning beauty routine.

While some of us are losing our marbles, others are trying to look like marble(s). (Bad pun, I know.)

Marble nails, the trending style that makes your nails look like slabs of marble, are taking over Instagram. If anyone knows what the obsession with marble is as of late, please inform. Until then, we have copious amounts of nailfies (nail selfies) that look like they could be on

Example one:

Here, someone decided to jazz things up and go with a pink marble look. Could maybe see this in a bathroom.

And below, a set of marble nails really just went for it and posed on top of an actual slab of marble. Embrace the fun, people.

In all seriousness, marble print is having a major moment—so major, it’s actually getting out of control. We’ve seen the print on laptop cases, phone cases, t-shirts. What’s next? Marble lips?

  • Beauty gurus have been preaching the benefits of face masks for a long time, but apparently, you’ve been face masking wrong this whole time. Unless, of course, you’ve been using a face mask primer. Much like a primer you’d apply pre-foundation, a face mask primer goes on your face before the face mask does, supposedly getting your skin ready to receive all of the face mask fruits it possibly can. Why the face mask you spent at least $60 on isn’t strong enough on its own is beyond me, but the answer here seems pretty simple: $$$. [InStyle]
  • Vogue has declared the “official festival girl hair of 2016” a “banged, wavy, brunette lob.” Does a hairstyle described as a “lob” sound appealing whatsoever? Not at all, but it does sorta look cool in a grungy, not trying too hard kinda way. Or something. Here, Lauren Mayberry of CHVRCHES sports this hairstyle while holding a ridiculously cute puppy.

  • The Cut inexplicably went on a search for the best white t-shirt. Their findings? A total of 12 (almost) indistinguishable white t-shirts.
  • Jeffree Star, who beefs with Kylie Jenner on Twitter every now and then, made a tutorial on how to make up your face using only highlighters. The real question is: Will Kylie kome out with highlighter kits next?
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