Here’s Why Celebrities Should Fall Back From Doing Too Much During the 2016 Election

We need less entertainment and more substance.

By: Michael Arceneaux

Outside of her portrayal of Reggie Love in The Client, I can’t find much intel about the legal experience of celebrated actress and activist Susan Sarandon. Did she go to law school with Phaedra Parks and didn’t share the news with the rest of the world? Does she have a connect in the Federal Bureau of Investigations? Seems neither is the case.

So, while I find it fascinating that she predicted Hillary Clinton will be indicted before officially becoming the Democratic Party’s nominee for president, it really forced me to consider how celebrities have played a role in the made for reality TV presidential election of 2016. Welp, given the historic events of last night (June 7) when Hillary Clinton became the first woman to represent a major party in a presidential race, it looks like Susan is hardly the legal eagle she pretended to be by floating that bold opinion out there. An opinion that is not only uninformed, but one in direct conflict with the opinion of legal analysts, journalists who have researched Clinton’s case, and even one of those super duper delegates who always hear about who supports Bernie Sanders, whom Sarandon ardently supports.

Yet, in a recent interview with MSNBC, Sarandon said, “Nobody’s even talking about this indictment. What happens with that, besides the trust issue of catching her in so many lies?” When Jansing informed her that there has been no indictment, Sarandon said, “No, but there’s going to be. I mean, it’s inevitable.”

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