There’s Something On Your Face, Son! 10 VH1 Celebs With Tattoos On their Face

Reality stars are never shy with their looks but these ten personalities really upped the ante with tattoos on their face.
  • 1 The Game
    Getty Images
    Game has a teardrop tattoo under his left eye. Beside his right eye is an evolving smorgasbord of tattoos. What started as a small butterfly to represent “new life” was covered up by the LA Dodger’s logo. Later to continue to be erase the memory of the butterfly he added a red star.

  • 2 Scrappy
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    His most shocking tattoo may be the huge Obama dollar bill on his stomach but Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’s Scrappy also sports two small crosses under his right eye.

  • 3 Monica “Danger” Leon
    For The Love Of Ray J’s Danger was a standout for her beauty and for the tiger tattooed walking down the side of her face. In 2013, Danger had it removed but continues to draw it on from time to time because “she misses it.”

  • 4 Chink Santana
    Lauren Weissler for VH1
    The Love & Hip Hop New York star sports the classic face tattoo of them all: the teardrop.

  • 5 Linda Perry
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    Similarly, Make Or Break’s Linda Perry has a teardrop tattoo that signifies her best friend of 20 years moving to New York because she was sad. “It’s a friend thing,” Perry has said.

  • 6 Yung Berg
    Berg has “YB” tattooed on his mug to make sure everyone knows his name. The former Love & Hip Hop Hollywood star has said that he regrets getting inked on his face.

  • 7 Brittanya O’Campo
    The Rock of Love Bus beauty has the word, “Legend” tattooed above her eyebrow and a spiderweb beside her eye.

  • 8 Benzino
    Lovable Benzino is a big ole’ Teddy Bear but the rapper still sports that tough man’s tattoo: teardrops on his face.

  • 9 Mommy Ruthie
    Ceaser’s mom from Black Ink Crew has teardrop tattoos and a tattoo of a spade on her moneymaker. Not unlike our mothers’ tattoos.

  • 10 Soulja Boy
    Soulja Boy has all sorts of face tattoos, notably the emoji for 100% because we imagine he keeps it “a hundred.” He also the acronym SODMG representing his record label, Stacks On Deck Money Gang.

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