Did LeBron James Low-key Shade Usher During the NBA Finals?

Is Usher switching sides?

Emotions run high during the NBA Finals, especially for LeBron James who’s Cleveland squad just went down 3-1 to the Golden State Warriors. A place no team has ever comeback and won the title in NBA history. So all that baggage mixed with just losing game 4 at home in Cleavland can put anyone in a pretty bad place emotionally. However, Usher may have taken the biggest L of the night.

Usher, who is a minority owner of the Cavaliers, rushed over to LeBron James, after the game ended, to give his support, but LBJ wasn’t having it. Given the mood James was in following the crucial series loss, he wasn’t in the mood for a friendly dap. Instead he brushed him off and kept it moving.

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