Mayte Garcia Shows Off Her New Tattoo In Memory Of Her Ex-Husband Prince

"This makes me smile and cry...Love is eternal!! Will remember that every time I look at my hand."

In early May 2016, Mayte Garcia took to Periscope to share a personal video of her in a tattoo shop preparing to get some ink in memory of her late ex-husband, Prince.

At the time, the admittedly tipsy Mayte said, “I’m gonna do a tattoo in honor of my ex-husband. I don’t like saying ex, because in my world, I didn’t divorce him. He did, I didn’t. So thank you. Thank you for my loss. It sucks. It sucks. He is the father of my child. Prince forever.” Now, the former Hollywood Exes star is showing off the tattoo in remembrance of the dearly departed music legend.

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Mayte took to her Instagram to share some thoughts on the final product, “This makes me smile and cry… Love is eternal!! Will remember that every time I look at my hand. To all of you who are hurting….I’m sorry for your pain as well!! But love him for eternity! Thank you @nspired1 for making such a beautiful piece and @luvinflyingcolors for making such a beautiful video! I’m smiling with tears! And thank you TAC cream for making it painless ???”

Anyone who watched Garcia on Hollywood Exes knows that the dancer still had strong feelings for her ex-husband and felt that the loss of their infant son fractured their relationship.

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