Moniece Shares A Controversial Instagram Post Suggesting That Parents Should Raise Their Kids With A “Caucasian Mentality”

"It has been my experience, for the most part, Caucasian people are less fearful."

Moniece Slaughter of Love & Hip Hop Hollywood recently sent out a couple of controversial PSAs on Instagram saying parents should raise their kids with more of a “Caucasian mentality.” Prior to making the remarks, Moniece shared an Instagram video showing a baby being gently thrown into the water — a technique used to teach babies how to swim, which she caught flak for.

This video will prove to be extremely controversial. BUT…I think that this is amazing. So young. her initial instinct isn’t to float. It was a learned behavior. I watched the videos on her mom @mrsvdoubleu page and this tactic/technique will teach her many skills that she will carry throughout her life. Skills that are essential, that are learned not instinctual at first, that if she had to learn later in life would be extremely hard to grasp. I wish I’d continued to teach Kam this way. If I ever have another…this here is how we start

As Momo anticipated, the video generated more than a few comments, some civil and some a little more heated and Moniece decided to further explain what she meant by her caption:

If fans still didn’t understand, she went on to explain a little further:
“That’s what I meant.”

Take a listen to Moneice’s views on parenting when it comes to different ethnic backgrounds. Do you agree with her stance or did she go a little too far?

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