The Best Instagram Thirst Traps of the Year (So Far)

You know the Kardashians are on this list.

If you’re a human being with blood coursing through your veins, chances are you’ve sent a thirst trap. You know what we’re talking about–the scantily-clad selfies you send bae when you want him to know just what he’s missing. With the right angle, you can trap–pun intended–anyone into ogling your merchandise.

These 15 celebrities are experts in thirst traps. They’re Instagram profiles are stuffed with sexy pictures meant to entice someone, but we won’t argue who that someone is. Instead, we’ll just relish in their tight bikini bodies, angel-carved abs and meaty biceps. They certainly have us trapped.

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What do you think about topless selfies? Empowering or thirsty? We break down the arguments in the video below.

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